After the building envelope, the second thing that will have the most impact on creating a successful healthy home renovation is the internal layout and interior design. 

Layout not only impacts how people move around the property. A lesser-known fact is that it can also positively influence individual and collective behaviour, which can significantly impact the quality of social interaction within the home and correlates with wellbeing and physical health.

So if the option is available to you to reconfigure your internal layout to work for your family's requirements, then it's a worthwhile investment in the relationships within your home.

Here are some tips for enhancing the layout of your home to improve social interaction.

1. Design each room for individual activities
2. Create spaces where sensory aspects of the environment are easily controllable to offer conditions suitable for different kinds of social exchange
3. Food preparation in many cultures is seen as a social activity and a valuable opportunity to take an interest in our food, so it makes sense you design your kitchen to facilitate this.
4. Dining together is one of the best investments in social bonding we can make. If you design your dining area so that it is inviting and an enjoyable space to spend time in, they will come!
5. If you can create different ceiling heights within your home, they can serve different thought processes and requirements.
6. Circulation spaces, such as hallways and the stars in your home, are just as crucial for social engagement as your rooms enable many daily encounters. Again making them friendly spaces through abundant natural light and views to the outside will encourage dwell time and use.

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